COEXISTential is dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal, and that whilst we may like to think, on occasion, that some of US are more equal than some of THEM, as is perfectly natural, that this is not the case. We are all of one people, one race, and one species: human.

COEXISTential, through application of personal philosophies predicated on Humanism, Existentialism, and self-examination through Psychology and Science, seeks to reposition the debate about the so-called non-overlapping magisteria of Science and Religion.

Science and Religion do not just overlap, they occupy the same space, and also occupy the same time, and they seek to answer the same questions via differing (and at times, incompatible) methodologies.

COEXISTential recognises a primary tenet of Existentialism, that life is absurd. Co-Existentialism extends this idea by suggesting that as a social species we must necessarily live with other people, and just as we believe that their beliefs about life are absurd, so they believe that about ours.

Our human lives do not exist in a vacuum, yet simultaneously exists in a vacuum. As such the universe is absurd, and by extension, everything is absurd.

We hold these truths as self-evident.